Tiny Space Studio is Open to Chicago!

Here we Go!   This is our Grand Opening month into the world of Chicago headshots.  Now, don’t be scared, this is not our first month in the photography business, just our first month branded as Tiny Space Studio….  Tiny Space Studio is owned and operated by Mike Henry (that’s me) a Commercial Advertising photographer out of Los Angeles and now Chicago.  I have been shooting Advertising for clients like Adidas, Xbox, Target, Old Navy, Macy’s and Reebok for over a decade, working out of LA.  You can see my commercial work here at www.MikeHenryPhoto.com

With family in tow, I recently moved back to Chicago, because despite the winters, which we are kinda scare of,  we love it here.  Great people, food, bars, music and of course theater.  Since being here,  I noticed a gap in the head shot market, something that LA has but I have not seen in Chicago…head shots that are simply well crafted portraits, shots that bridge the gap between traditional headshots (which I believe are typically living somewhere in the 80’s or 90’s) and great portrait photography.   Headshots don’t have to suck or be cheese-ball and I also don’t think they need to cost an arm and a leg.  I wanted to create a headshot studio where the shots have amazing light, master retouching AND great styling advice.  I want your images to look like you have spent $$$$ on them and maybe, just maybe, even look like they are torn from the pages of a magazine.  I want you to stand out from the crowd, with a head shot that casting directors will stop and look at, and that won’t happen if it looks just like everyone else’s chicago headshot.

Let me take my years of Commercial Photography knowledge, master retouching skills and lighting knowledge and apply them to your headshots for a fraction of the price of most headshot photographers.   Check out our Headshot portfolio and let’s get together and make the best head shot you’ve ever had!

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