Chicago Head Shot Pricing – Tiny Space Studio

There are so many ways to go when coming up with pricing packages for headshots and when you look around at Chicago headshot photographers, I think you’ll see that everyone has a slightly different angle.  So, here’s our philosophy.  I truly want everyone that comes into Tiny Space Studio to get the best head shot possible.  From my experience, I know that sometimes the best shots come after a half hour of shooting, when everyone gets comfortable, we figure out which outfits looks best on camera, and what background is working for you…ext, ext..

So, that being said, want to give everyone a full blown 3 look, 1-2 hour shoot.  (by look I’m referring to wardrobe, background and sometimes hair changes.)  My goal is for you to have so many great head shots, it’s hard for you to choose.  Everyone will be charged $250 for the shoot, which will include ONE hi-res, retouched image.   In our opinion, $250 for a 3-4 look shoot is a steal.  If you want any additional hi-res, retouched images, it will be $40 per.  So, you could walk away with a 3-4 look shoot ($250 including one retouched image) and then get 3 more retouched images for $40 per and have 4 amazing images for $400.

People always ask, if they can have all the images from the shoot.  Sure, if for some reason you want all the un-retouched images from the shoot you can have them for an additional $125.  I however think this is silly, because, having a few amazing, retouched and color corrected images, is worth far more than all of the un-retouched images, but the choice is yours.

You can see our bullet pointed headshot packages here for all the details

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More October 4, 2016