Commercial vs Theatrical Head Shots

Here in our Chicago headshots studio we have only two packages..  The “Tiny Package” which is a quick basic package for people that just need one quick shot and then there’s the “Actors / Professional Package”, which is what 99% of our clients get.  Our goal with the Actors / Professional package (APP) is to give everyone the full monty… Which includes a  3-4 look headshot shoot, that lasts 1.5 – 2 hours and gives you enough shots to pick from that will cover commercial, theatrical, and sometimes a few in between.

There are a lot of Chicago headshot photographers that will charge an arm and a leg for this many looks, sometimes $500, $600 and occasionally over $1,000 for this same shoot, but we like to do things a little different here.  We would rather give you a great shoot and experience, which includes one retouched image and then the option for purchasing additional images or all the images if you’d like, our goal for every shoot is to make you comfortable and then amaze you with how many great head shots we can get in our short time spent together.  Either way, whether you just end up with 1-4 shots or all the images, it is still a steal of a deal.

Commercial Head Shots vs Theatrical Headshots

Commercial Headshots:

There are many theories here, but our thinking is the commercial headshot is one that is typically for commercial work, whether its for print work, or TV or industrial spot.  If this is the case, casting directors are typically looking for someone who is approachable, that can sell there product.  This typically means, yes, smiling, wearing brighter colors and possibly layers.  We here at Tiny Space Studio don’t believe in over the top, “say cheese” smiles that we see in many headshots.  We believe in genuine, real moment, smiles.  Coming from a commercial photography background, we also believe two main things about commercial headshots.  1. you should look approachable and mostly smiling (unless you have a very unique character you play, such as a biker). and 2. Your commercial headshot should look like you, not an over glammed version of you.


Theatrical Headshots

For theatrical headshots, our belief is that it should be a little more serious and maybe sexier than your commercial headshot.  The lighting might be a little more dramatic, you might have a closed mouth smile vs a big smile, or maybe no smile AND your wardrobe might be more trendy, cooler, stylish than your commercial head shot.

Then of course there is the Professional or Corporate Headshots

With Business or Corporate headshots we think you should look approachable, stylish, and like you spent big money on your shots.  It should look like your book jacket cover or like we tore it from the pages of Inc. magazine..  You want the people that are viewing this business headshot or corporate portrait to take you seriously.  Whether your professional headshots are for speaking engagement, your website or even for your Linkedin profile picture, this headshot should demonstrate that you are successful!



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