Tour of Tiny Space Studio – Chicago’s Professional Headshot Photography Studio

I thought that I would share a long overdue post and take you on a quick tour of the Tiny Space Studio.  Whenever I’m doing research for a doctors office, dentist, restaurant, store, or any service that I want to get, I always do the research and want to know what the place looks like.   So, I thought that people searching for professional head shots in Chicago and have interest in the Tiny Space Studio, might also want to see what they getting / walking into.

One of the number one keys to having a successful, professional headshot session, is feeling comfortable.  So, we set out to make our space bright, airy, stylish and yes, of course, comfortable.  As you probably have guessed from our name “Tiny Space Studio”, we do not have a large, intimidating loft, rather it is a small, quaint spot where we can hang out, chat and take some picture.  Typically, when you first arrive, we hang out for a bit in our lounge area, chat about your headshot goals, shoot the shit for a minute or two, get to know each other and then move to the studio area, where we begin your session.  It is all very casual and we hope that it feels very organic.

In the end, the hope is that you leave feeling as if you just spend a few hours with a new friend in a comfortable setting and walk away with some amazing professional headshots that you can use for theatrical and commercial headshots, all your social media, book jackets, Linkedin and other profile pictures that you may need, including your website.

So, as promised, below are the pictures of our Tiny Space (headshot) Studio and you can scroll through the larger images above as well.


More September 7, 2017