New Headshots for Pia Justesen

New Work!  Pia Justesen came in to Tiny Space Studio – (Chicago’s Head Shot Photography Pro), looking to get new head shots / portrait for her upcoming book.  Pia chose the Pro-Package, hoping that she could get more than one headshot to use not only on her book but also for her Linkedin, other social media outlets as well as the profile picture for the various colleges where she teaches.

I always push for people to get the pro-package.  Countless times, we end up getting the best shots toward the end of the hour – hour and half session.  In this case, we started on grey, then black and finally white background.  I think that I can speak for Pia and myself when I say that I think the best headshot was hands down the white background.  Very modern and clean.  We would have never gotten that shot if she had gone with just one look.

If you are looking for a head shots Chicago – please give us a call, we’d love to help you make the best first impression.


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Tour of Tiny Space Studio – Chicago’s Professional Headshot Photography Studio

I thought that I would share a long overdue post and take you on a quick tour of the Tiny Space Studio.  Whenever I’m doing research for a doctors office, dentist, restaurant, store, or any service that I want to get, I always do the research and want to know what the place looks like.   So, I thought that people searching for professional head shots in Chicago and have interest in the Tiny Space Studio, might also want to see what they getting / walking into.

One of the number one keys to having a successful, professional headshot session, is feeling comfortable.  So, we set out to make our space bright, airy, stylish and yes, of course, comfortable.  As you probably have guessed from our name “Tiny Space Studio”, we do not have a large, intimidating loft, rather it is a small, quaint spot where we can hang out, chat and take some picture.  Typically, when you first arrive, we hang out for a bit in our lounge area, chat about your headshot goals, shoot the shit for a minute or two, get to know each other and then move to the studio area, where we begin your session.  It is all very casual and we hope that it feels very organic.

In the end, the hope is that you leave feeling as if you just spend a few hours with a new friend in a comfortable setting and walk away with some amazing professional headshots that you can use for theatrical and commercial headshots, all your social media, book jackets, Linkedin and other profile pictures that you may need, including your website.

So, as promised, below are the pictures of our Tiny Space (headshot) Studio and you can scroll through the larger images above as well.


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Commercial vs Theatrical Head Shots

Here in our Chicago headshots studio we have only two packages..  The “Tiny Package” which is a quick basic package for people that just need one quick shot and then there’s the “Actors / Professional Package”, which is what 99% of our clients get.  Our goal with the Actors / Professional package (APP) is to give everyone the full monty… Which includes a  3-4 look headshot shoot, that lasts 1.5 – 2 hours and gives you enough shots to pick from that will cover commercial, theatrical, and sometimes a few in between.

There are a lot of Chicago headshot photographers that will charge an arm and a leg for this many looks, sometimes $500, $600 and occasionally over $1,000 for this same shoot, but we like to do things a little different here.  We would rather give you a great shoot and experience, which includes one retouched image and then the option for purchasing additional images or all the images if you’d like, our goal for every shoot is to make you comfortable and then amaze you with how many great head shots we can get in our short time spent together.  Either way, whether you just end up with 1-4 shots or all the images, it is still a steal of a deal.

Commercial Head Shots vs Theatrical Headshots

Commercial Headshots:

There are many theories here, but our thinking is the commercial headshot is one that is typically for commercial work, whether its for print work, or TV or industrial spot.  If this is the case, casting directors are typically looking for someone who is approachable, that can sell there product.  This typically means, yes, smiling, wearing brighter colors and possibly layers.  We here at Tiny Space Studio don’t believe in over the top, “say cheese” smiles that we see in many headshots.  We believe in genuine, real moment, smiles.  Coming from a commercial photography background, we also believe two main things about commercial headshots.  1. you should look approachable and mostly smiling (unless you have a very unique character you play, such as a biker). and 2. Your commercial headshot should look like you, not an over glammed version of you.


Theatrical Headshots

For theatrical headshots, our belief is that it should be a little more serious and maybe sexier than your commercial headshot.  The lighting might be a little more dramatic, you might have a closed mouth smile vs a big smile, or maybe no smile AND your wardrobe might be more trendy, cooler, stylish than your commercial head shot.

Then of course there is the Professional or Corporate Headshots

With Business or Corporate headshots we think you should look approachable, stylish, and like you spent big money on your shots.  It should look like your book jacket cover or like we tore it from the pages of Inc. magazine..  You want the people that are viewing this business headshot or corporate portrait to take you seriously.  Whether your professional headshots are for speaking engagement, your website or even for your Linkedin profile picture, this headshot should demonstrate that you are successful!



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Chicago Head Shot Pricing – Tiny Space Studio

There are so many ways to go when coming up with pricing packages for headshots and when you look around at Chicago headshot photographers, I think you’ll see that everyone has a slightly different angle.  So, here’s our philosophy.  I truly want everyone that comes into Tiny Space Studio to get the best head shot possible.  From my experience, I know that sometimes the best shots come after a half hour of shooting, when everyone gets comfortable, we figure out which outfits looks best on camera, and what background is working for you…ext, ext..

So, that being said, want to give everyone a full blown 3 look, 1-2 hour shoot.  (by look I’m referring to wardrobe, background and sometimes hair changes.)  My goal is for you to have so many great head shots, it’s hard for you to choose.  Everyone will be charged $250 for the shoot, which will include ONE hi-res, retouched image.   In our opinion, $250 for a 3-4 look shoot is a steal.  If you want any additional hi-res, retouched images, it will be $40 per.  So, you could walk away with a 3-4 look shoot ($250 including one retouched image) and then get 3 more retouched images for $40 per and have 4 amazing images for $400.

People always ask, if they can have all the images from the shoot.  Sure, if for some reason you want all the un-retouched images from the shoot you can have them for an additional $125.  I however think this is silly, because, having a few amazing, retouched and color corrected images, is worth far more than all of the un-retouched images, but the choice is yours.

You can see our bullet pointed headshot packages here for all the details

Let us know your thoughts, we love feedback!

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Tiny Space Studio is Open to Chicago!

Here we Go!   This is our Grand Opening month into the world of Chicago headshots.  Now, don’t be scared, this is not our first month in the photography business, just our first month branded as Tiny Space Studio….  Tiny Space Studio is owned and operated by Mike Henry (that’s me) a Commercial Advertising photographer out of Los Angeles and now Chicago.  I have been shooting Advertising for clients like Adidas, Xbox, Target, Old Navy, Macy’s and Reebok for over a decade, working out of LA.  You can see my commercial work here at www.MikeHenryPhoto.com

With family in tow, I recently moved back to Chicago, because despite the winters, which we are kinda scare of,  we love it here.  Great people, food, bars, music and of course theater.  Since being here,  I noticed a gap in the head shot market, something that LA has but I have not seen in Chicago…head shots that are simply well crafted portraits, shots that bridge the gap between traditional headshots (which I believe are typically living somewhere in the 80’s or 90’s) and great portrait photography.   Headshots don’t have to suck or be cheese-ball and I also don’t think they need to cost an arm and a leg.  I wanted to create a headshot studio where the shots have amazing light, master retouching AND great styling advice.  I want your images to look like you have spent $$$$ on them and maybe, just maybe, even look like they are torn from the pages of a magazine.  I want you to stand out from the crowd, with a head shot that casting directors will stop and look at, and that won’t happen if it looks just like everyone else’s chicago headshot.

Let me take my years of Commercial Photography knowledge, master retouching skills and lighting knowledge and apply them to your headshots for a fraction of the price of most headshot photographers.   Check out our Headshot portfolio and let’s get together and make the best head shot you’ve ever had!

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